Pac10 Lofts

The Dahlia - Corner View.png

3D Rendered View - corner of Santa Clara and 24th Streets


San Jose, California Affordable Housing

Currently in development, The Dahlia represents the first new ground-up affordable housing development created by Auralith Architecture for our affordable housing development partners. The client presented us with a challenging building program: an 8,500 square foot building footprint ideal for most urban residential lots, ground level amenity and retail space, central circulation core, and 12 units per floor. The unit mix at each floor includes two Studio Apartments, eight 1 Bedroom Apartments, and two 2 Bedroom Apartments. Each unit is designed to have its own private balcony, floor to ceiling windows, full kitchens and restroom facilities. Units range from 400 to 700 square feet in area and have been designed to ultimate efficiency of space.